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Two vendor solutions achieved top spots in the evaluation of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) products, but competitors offer compelling alternatives, especially where business requirements and/or existing IT security solutions dictate a different priority on specific product features.

Use this research to:

  • Understand current capabilities of SIEM vendors and evaluate offerings for best fit
  • Use scenario analysis and case studies to shortlist vendors
  • Assess implementation recommendations and challenges

Ensure that you select the best SIEM solution for your enterprise needs.

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    Babafemi Ogungbamila | 01-23-2014

    We keep hearing about Splunk and its play in this area and it is not on this list. What are you thoughts about Splunk in this regard?

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      Info-Tech Research Group | 01-24-2014

      Thank you for your comment Babafemi. We are refreshing the SIEM VL in the near future and are including Splunk. Over the past few years, Splunk has layered on additional security/SIEM-focused capabilities beyond its traditional log management and network/systems operations capabilities, hence the addition of Splunk to the VL vendor list.

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        Babafemi Ogungbamila | 01-24-2014

        OK good... How soon would this report be available? And would it be possible to get a view of your analysis upfront? I need to make a decision on this very soon.

        • Missing comment
          Info-Tech Research Group | 01-24-2014

          The vendor landscape will be published in April 2014, but in the meantime, a consulting analyst can discuss the product with you via an advisory call.

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    Carl Erickson | 03-27-2014

    I would be interested to see where products such as Tenable and Tripwire fit in the Quadrant also...

    • 51dfd75ebe2870cdad1e1d1984e3f169 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 04-11-2014

      Tenable is a network security provider with a focus on providing enterprise class vulnerability, threat, and compliance management solutions as software and hardware. This generally is a more advanced vendor for higher security demand organizations than the more common SIEM products. The Tenable Network Security Log Correlation Engine, its most SIEM-like product, can be used either as a standalone product or as part of its larger Tenable SecurityCenter to aggregate, normalize, correlate, and analyze event log data from various sources. The SecurityCenter console, Log Correlation Engine (SIEM), the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, and Passive Vulnerability Scanner products together provide a unified security monitoring suite. Tenable is an innovative firm with a track record of disruptive product offerings. As it offers advanced and specialized solutions, it is most used among enterprise, high risk networks. The Department of Defence is perhaps its most notable customer.

      Tripwire is a security vendor focusing on security and vulnerability management with a specialized product offering of SCM, vulnerability management, and security analytic products. It focuses on providing foundational security tools and controls to enable a stronger platform on which an organization can mature its security capabilities. File integrity monitoring, compliance management, log and event management, and security BI extend its offerings. The Tripwire Log Center is its SIEM product, offering log collection, aggregation, normalization, and intelligence. It purports having the ability to provide a business context to log intelligence. Like Tenable Log Correlation Engine, Tripwire Log Center can be an integrated component with its Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 to offer a unified security monitoring suite.

  • 02a98875f5c69e3f0369c25a92bec5bb comment
    George Ehrhorn | 12-05-2014

    Is there a way to tell when an article or associated artifact has been updated? I thought this data had been available on each page.

    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 12-08-2014

      The publication details on all items on our website are still available, but have been hidden just above the Comments box under the blue link “More Details”.


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