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Do More...

  • Adapt to the business model changing suddenly and unpredictably
  • Adopt new technologies (e.g. mobile, social) and develop new strategies
  • Respond to an increase in client & staff demand and sophistication
  • Think strategically: You can't cut your way to success, and the status quo is expensive

With Less...

  • Budgets are frozen or crawling
  • No gravy train – the easy cuts have already been made
  • Maintenance spending needs to shift
  • Need to keep IT staff and end users motivated given changing service levels and limited pay increases

Tomorrow Will Belong to the IT Leaders

Managing IT in turbulent times means being prepared for today and ready for tomorrow.

IT Departments that are prepared for today are cost competitive and have optimized their current processes and technologies.

IT Departments that are ready for tomorrow are agile and skilled at evaluating and implementing new technologies.

Leaders are the only IT departments positioned to excel in today's turbulent business environment. 

Manage IT in Turbulent Times-FIG1


How Does Your IT Department Stack Up?

Prepared for Today

Run a tight ship, and have a handle on project and process management

  • Take a disciplined approach to existing IT technology and processes.
  • Understand the impact of changes to human and financial resources.
  • Understand how IT drives business value.
  • View all the moving pieces within IT.

Assist the Business Today

  1. Make the Business a Full Partner in IT Decision Making
  2. Squeeze More Business Value from Existing Apps
  3. Don't Go Overboard Formalizing Service Delivery
  4. Use Metrics for Competitive Advantage
  5. Shift Your Budget from IT Maintenance to IT Enhancements

Ready for Tomorrow

Effectively manage resources during changes in market conditions, business models, and technology.

  • Prepare yourself for emerging business and technology challenges
  • Make changes with minimal negative impact
  • Shift resources quickly and seamlessly
  • Start and run projects effectively.

Advance the Business Tomorrow

  1. Go Agile
  2. Embrace the Cloud
  3. Map Tools to Existing Collaboration Patterns
  4. Enable a Truly Mobile Workforce
  5. Don't Let Security Concerns Prevent New Technology Adoption

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Published: November 18, 2011
Last Revised: November 18, 2011


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    Ross Armstrong | 01-25-2012

    Brilliant. Good looking fellow, too.

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    Ahmed El-Shafie | 03-09-2012

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