Info-Tech's Trailblazers Program Focuses on Women in IT

Author(s): Karly Campbell

The decline of women in IT has been profound over the past several decades. In 1990, women held 35% of IT jobs. Today? Just 26%. Yet we know that more diverse teams perform significantly better and are more creative, innovative, and collaborative. Diverse teams can outperform non-diverse teams by up to 80%. IT departments that lack women are missing out on a huge opportunity to influence their team’s performance.

The Info-Tech Trailblazers program is addressing this issue from two sides:

  • Setting up women in IT with the skills they need to be successful leaders
  • Improving the culture and talent strategies within IT departments to attract, develop, manage, and retain top female IT talent.

Trailblazers Leadership Development Program

Our unique program strives to empower women with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead successful IT careers. Research shows that the highest performing leaders have connected networks with shared values. The Trailblazers Leadership Development Program is designed to foster networks with these characteristics – like-minded people with similar circumstances coming together to make each other more successful as business leaders in IT.

As part of the program, female leaders will gain:

  • A strong peer network across different companies
  • A mastery of next-generation leadership skills
  • On-demand access to resources and subject matter experts to help them succeed in their current work

Trailblazers Workshop – “The Leadership Mindset: Women in IT”

Gender diversity efforts fail more often than they succeed. Our unique five-day workshop focuses on gender diversity as a leadership imperative and how your IT leaders can achieve diversity through influence, not command and control.

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