Five Bad Habits of Application Developers

Author(s): Habeel Gazi

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Bad habits begin with a well-intentioned team that has been given a project and an unrealistic timeline. Under pressure, developers take shortcuts that end up costing the company and clients more in time, money and quality than what they would otherwise consider acceptable. Watch out for these five bad habits.

Five Bad Habits of Application Developers

Bad Habit # 1: Copy & Paste Programming

Copying or cutting and pasting code, even for experienced programmers, can lead to bugs that are introduced by assumptions and design choices made in separate sources that no longer apply in a new environment. It can also lead to chaos if the sources and the process itself are not well documented and need to be changed in the future. While development time may be reduced, maintenance costs increase as time is spent removing bugs in each instance, or worse, fixing some and leaving others. Moreover, even though copying and pasting is easy, it unnecessarily adds lines of code without improving efficiency.

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