Change Management Maturity Assessment Tool


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The Change Management Maturity Assessment Tool will allow you to assess the completeness of your change management process.

  • You can use the results of this tool to convince your stakeholders that your current process needs work. They might not realize that there are gaps in your process; this assessment will highlight those gaps.
  • This tool will help you decide whether your whole process should be re-designed from end to end, or whether your pain is localized to one or two phases. You may be able to jump ahead to the weakest phase instead of starting from scratch. This will allow to tackle change management in size-able chunks.
  • This tool can also be used to regularly re-assess your change management process and identify areas in need of further attention and improvement. 

This tool is based on established industry best practices. The list of required activities is exhaustive; it is unlikely that you are executing all of these activities unless your change management process is very mature.

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