Team Leadership & Management - Tools

The First 100 Days As CIO – Presentation Deck

Work with your executive advisor in The First 100 Days As CIO concierge service to complete this presentation deck that communicates your plan for your first three months...

Flexible Work Options Selection Tool

Use this tool to assess and select the most feasible and valuable flexible work options for your organization.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Scorecard

Before finalizing the EVP, it is important to validate your overarching statement with internal and external audiences to ensure the message meets the necessary criteria...

IT Behavioral Interview Question Library

This comprehensive competency-based question collection provides a list of behavioral questions that help the talent acquisition specialist and hiring manager interview...

IT Team Effectiveness Questionnaire

Use this tool to assess the current effectiveness of your team.

IT Team Effectiveness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to quickly identify focus areas for team improvement.

Improve IT Team Effectiveness Action Plan Tool

Use this tool to outline the necessary steps to improve team performance.

Organizational Catalog

Use this catalog to record critical data points about your key stakeholders and to manage their interests and expectations of the IT organization.

Organizational Culture Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to gain a high-level understanding of your new organization's culture and what that means in terms of strategic emphasis, leadership styles, and...

Operating Models and Capability Definition List

This tool provides a set of standard definitions and presentation graphics for each of the default capability overlays provided in the Organizational Design...
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