Team Leadership & Management - Tools

Individual Competency Assessment Workbook

A workbook that extends your team-level assessment to individuals, enabling targeted development planning.

Workforce Analysis Automation Workbook

A step-by-step approach that automates analysis of your workforce demand and supply.

Talent Sourcing Analysis Workbook

A visual guide to the considerations for a variety of sourcing routes.

IT Team Effectiveness Survey Tool

This tool allows you to record and analyze responses from Info-Tech's IT Team Effectiveness Survey.

Decision Making Accountability Workbook

Template to record different decisions the team is called upon to make that provides transparency and accountability.

Identity – Responsibilities and Dependencies

Template to identify and determine key responsibilities of each team member.

IT Knowledge Transfer Risk Assessment Tool

The IT Knowledge Transfer Risk Assessment Tool is used to identify the risk profile of knowledge sources and the knowledge they have.

Termination Logistics Tool

Use this tool to carry out and communicate terminations smoothly through thoughtful planning and consideration of the termination's impact.

Redeployment and Layoff Strategy Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions while developing the redeployment and layoff strategy project.

IT Behavioral Interview Question Library

This comprehensive competency-based question collection provides a list of behavioral questions that help the talent acquisition specialist and hiring manager interview...
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