Build an Information Security Strategy for Small Enterprises

Build a business-aligned, risk-aware, holistic security strategy that is suited for your small enterprise: gather business requirements to prioritize improvements; assess...
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Build an Information Security Strategy for Small Enterprises – Phases 1-4

Use this storyboard to build or update a small enterprise business-aligned, risk-aware, and holistic information security strategy that prioritizes program initiatives...

Ensure DRP and BCP Compliance With Industry Standards

Don’t let the verbose nature of standards documentation such as NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and others overcomplicate your mandate to ensure your business continuity management...
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Business Continuity Teams and Roles Tool

Track business continuity teams, roles, responsibilities, and key vendors/suppliers.

BCP Relocation Checklists

Use this tool to plan for and coordinate a business relocation to an alternate site or work-from-home.

BCP-DRP Maintenance Checklist

Set a schedule for continuity plan reviews, tests, and updates. Track completed reviews.

BCP Pilot Results Presentation

Present initial results from your pilot BCP project and next steps for your BCP initiative.

BCP Project Roadmap Tool

Building up business continuity capabilities is a marathon; most organizations don't have the resources to mitigate all risks immediately.

Case Study: Practical, Right-Sized BCP

​Use this example to understand the governance and incident response components of a BCP, and to provide a model to follow for your BCP project.

DRP Business Impact Analysis Tool

Determine appropriate recovery time objectives based on the impact of downtime.
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