Security Risk, Strategy & Governance - Storyboard

Security Priorities 2024 Report

This report provides insights on the most important security priorities for 2024 and recommendations on implementing initiatives to support the priorities.

Build a Plan to Close Your Cybersecurity Competency Gaps Storyboard

Use this blueprint as a guide to creating a cybersecurity development plan to close your organization's skills gap.

Address Security and Privacy Risks for Generative AI Storyboard

This research will help security leaders seeking to better understand the risks associated with using generative AI and will walk them through how to manage those risk in...

Deliver Customer Value by Building Digital Trust Storyboard

Organizations can ensure that digital trust isn't treated as an afterthought by embedding trust principles into all customer-facing business processes.

Select a Security Outsourcing Partner – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you determine what responsibilities you can outsource to a service partner, refine the list of role-based requirements, and adopt a program to...

Establish Effective Security Governance & Management – Phases 1-2

Use this storyboard to develop an information security governance and management model and implement essential governance processes.

Design and Implement a Business-Aligned Security Program Storyboard

This document will guide you on how to understand what makes your organization unique and design a security program with capabilities that create business value.

Comply With 2023 US Privacy Laws (Virginia, Connecticut, Utah, Colorado) Storyboard

A guide that helps you understand the privacy obligations, perform the readiness gaps, and implement controls to be compliant with US privacy laws and regulations.

Prevent Data Loss Across Cloud and Hybrid Environments Storyboard

This research describes an approach to strategize and implement data loss prevention (DLP) solutions for cloud services.

Present Security to Executive Stakeholders Storyboard

This deck will provide guidelines on how to effectively communicate security to executive stakeholders and obtain your security goals.
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