Subject Access Request (SAR) – Erasure

Use this example as a starting point to document your subject access request procedure for erasure requests.

Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness Using STRIDE – Phase 1: Setup – Data and Asset Classification

Start your mitigation effectiveness assessment by establishing a foundational data and IT system element classification from which to launch the assessment.

Hacker Compromises Data of 106 Million Capital One Customers

A hacker has compromised 106 million Capital One customers after a data breach. But the real story might be less to do with cloud security itself and more to do with...

Debunk Machine Learning Endpoint Security Solutions – Phase 2: Evaluate Vendors That Leverage Machine Learning

This phase will help you determine your endpoint security requirements and evaluate potential vendors.

CryptoMill’s Circles of Trust Address the Growing Need for Secure, Intuitive File Sharing

Circles of Trust aim to reduce data breaches by protecting data such that only known, trusted people can access it.

Hire or Develop a World-Class CISO – Phase 2: Assess

Assess CISO candidates to hire or develop the right CISO for your organizational needs, and understand the CISO's stakeholder relationships.

Threat Landscape Briefing – October 2019

This monthly recording covers topics such as cyberthreat and regulatory trends, nation-states, cybercriminals, hacktivists campaigns, data breaches, control strategies,...

Build a Privacy Program – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how a privacy program will benefit your organization.

Cloud Security Communication Deck

Use this template to outline the organization’s security understanding and requirements of the proposed cloud migration.

Close the InfoSec Skills Gap: Develop a Technical Skills Sourcing Plan – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why developing a technical skills sourcing plan is critical to proactively addressing skills gaps in your organization.
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