Security - Tools

Data Retention RACI Tool

Complete this RACI matrix to determine your data retention roles and responsibilities.

Security Resources Planning Workbook

Use this tool to define your security team roles, FTE hours, security service portfolio, estimate service demand, and determine your overall resourcing needs

Security Policy Prioritization Tool

The Security Policy Prioritization Tool helps your organization prioritize your policy suite based on Importance, Ease to Implement and Ease to Enforce.

Security Policy Assessment Tool

The Security Policy Assessment Tool helps your organization prioritize your policy suite based on Importance, Ease to Implement, and Ease to Enforce.

Security Compliance Management Tool

Use this tool to track your security compliance management framework and program.

Secure IT/OT Convergence Requirements Gathering Tool

Use this tool to map organizational goals to a secure IT/OT goals. This tool serves as a repository for information about the organization, compliance, and other factors...

Secure IT/OT Convergence RACI Chart Tool

Use this tool to identify and understand the owners of various elements of the IT/OT convergence across the organization. This RACI chart will help clearly define each...

Ransomware Threat Preparedness Workbook

Use this threat preparedness workbook to evaluate the threats and tactics in the ransomware kill chain using the MITRE framework and device-appropriate countermeasures.

Ransomware Resilience Assessment

Use this assessment tool to assess existing protection, detection, response, and recovery capabilities and identify potential improvements.

Leadership Guide for Extended Ransomware

Use this guide in conjunction with the project blueprint Build Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks and the associated tabletop planning session templates. We recommend...
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