Project & Portfolio Management - Storyboard

Storyboard: Optimize IT Decision-Making

In many organizations, the allocation of IT decision rights is inappropriate, either removing from IT its rightful control of the IT technical environment, or forcing IT...

Storyboard: Focus on Project Management Essentials

Successful project completion is on everyone's wish list. Understand the four essentials of successful project management and adopt simple tools that will help organize...

Storyboard: Take Control of Infrastructure Metrics

Many organizations collect metrics to validate they are keeping the lights on and the infrastructure running. But the Infrastructure Managers who are benefiting the most...

Storyboard: Improve Executive Advocacy for IT

IT managers often have to influence decision-makers through an intermediary, who acts as an advocate for IT's agenda. Strategize to reduce the costs of advocacy, and...

Storyboard: Avoid Project Management Pitfalls

Fewer than 15% of projects deliver all requirements, on-time and on-budget. Avoid four common project pitfalls to greatly increase your chances of project success.

Storyboard: Use Applications Metrics That Matter

Applications management is a delicate balance, and metrics help maintain that balance. It all begins with measuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Enhance PPM Dashboards and Reports – Phase 1: Establish a PPM Dashboard and Reporting Enhancement Project Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Enhance PPM Dashboards and Reports, will help ensure that PPM dashboards and reports are effective and valuable by identifying your...

Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Phase 2: Build a Lightweight PM Process for Small Initiatives

This phase of the blueprint, Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects, will help you optimize project management processes for small projects and maximize...

Tame the Project Backlog – Phase 1: Create a Backlog Battle Plan

This phase of Tame the Project Backlog will help you calculate the costs incurred by your project backlog and survey the roots of its unmanageability.

Drive Efficiency and Agility with a Fit-for-Purpose Quality Management Program – Phase 2: Build a Quality Program

Build program requirements and design standard templates that will unite IT quality.
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