Mid-Range Storage Vendor Shortlist Tool

Use this tool to review and compare vendors and products based on Info-Tech's research. Evaluate and rank vendors on the product features and vendor characteristics that...

Mid-Range Storage RFP Template

Use this template to develop a request for proposal asking vendors to place bids on your purchase of a mid-range storage solution.

Mid-Range Storage Reseller Interrogation Script

Use this template to develop a list of vendor and product capabilities that the vendor/reseller will need to guarantee and demonstrate.

Vendor Landscape: Mid-Range Storage

The storage space continues to evolve, with flash becoming a norm in many solution offerings. Explore the top vendors in the mid-range storage space and identify the...
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Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Mid-Range Storage

This storyboard will help you explore the leading vendors providing mid-range storage solutions. By comparing vendor and product strengths, weaknesses, and differences,...

Modernize Enterprise Storage

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate, and your current storage solutions will not meet all your future needs. Info-Tech’s methodology for storage modernization...
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Modernize Enterprise Storage Workbook

This workbook of the blueprint, Modernize Enterprise Storage, will guide you through activities that evaluate current storage infrastructure and plan for future storage...

Server Backup Policy

The server backup policy protects data from loss or destruction in IT departments within companies. Without a server backup policy, a company’s assets are not as safe as...

What the Dell EMC Acquisition Really Means

What does the massive acquisition of EMC by Dell mean for the IT infrastructure market? In short, not much.

Select and Implement a Backup Solution – Phase 4: Plan the Backup Implementation

Even a solution that is a perfect fit for an organization will fail to generate value if it is not properly implemented or measured by an organization. Prevent this risk...
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