Open Source Software Catalog 2010

Open source software may benefit the enterprise, but first the enterprise must discover what tools exist. To get started, check out the Optaros EOS Directory Web site,...

Data Center Contractor Scripted Interview Scorecard

When meeting with potential contractors for the build of a new data center, organizations should use a scripted interview to aid in the decision making process. Each...

Data Center Contractor Reference Check Checklist

Building a data center is a complex and expensive project that requires the assistance of contractors, especially in the design and planning stages. Selecting the right...

Peer Survey Results Overview April 2011

Info-Tech recently conducted several surveys for our research projects. This document is a high level summary of those results and an introduction to the resulting research.

Data Center Move Issue Resolution and Change Order Template

Whether the data center relocation or consolidation project requires one weekend or multiple move dates to complete, it is important to collect and document all issues,...

How Many Phone Lines Do You Need?

Determining the number of phone lines required for a facility can be a daunting task for IT leaders that have recently taken on telecom responsibilities. Planners should...

Optimize Systems Management to Improve IT Resilience and Proactivity

Systems management is about more than checking if the lights are on. Optimize on three levels—people, processes, and technology—to enhance IT resilience and proactivity.
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Server OS Casting Call: Let Costs Direct Selection

IT leaders deploying application servers may face a choice between operating systems. Evaluate the business suitability of operating system candidates by examining costs,...

Cloud Service TCO Comparison Tool

Total Cost of Ownership is an important consideration when choosing a cloud vendor or service, or choosing whether or not to put an app into the cloud. Analysis of TCO...

WAN Connectivity Chart

Get up to speed on what's available on the WAN connectivity market using this information chart.
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