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Office 365 Capability Assessment Video

​This video walks you through the Office 365 Capability Assessment.
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Practitioner Perspectives: Machine Learning-Driven AI

​Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of machine learning-driven AI.
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Practitioner Perspectives: IoT

​Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of IoT.
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Practitioner Perspectives: Automation

Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of Automation.
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Practitioner Perspectives: GDPR

Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of GDPR.
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Practitioner Perspective: Blockchain

​Steven Berkovitz discusses the impact of blockchain.
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Create a Formal Cloud Testing Strategy

Organizations are finding it difficult to execute test cases of cloud and web applications with traditional testing methods. Cloud testing...
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Video: Move Email to the Cloud

Prepare for cloud email. It's inevitable. Almost 70% of Info-Tech clients will at least consider cloud email for their next implementation.
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Extending Service Management to Account for Disaster Recovery Scenarios

Set strict timelines and criteria for escalating from service management to DRP. Organizations that treat DR as an extension of service...
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