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Webinar: Successfully Navigate the Collaboration Tools Market

Exploring the enterprise collaboration tool marketspace is difficult. The problem with finding a suitable collaboration tool is that there are...
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Webinar: Develop a Technical Skills Sourcing Plan

At the same time as new IT infrastructure technologies are generating demand for new skills, old systems require care and support.
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Webinar: Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan

Organizational resilience today requires a new way of thinking about backups and disaster recovery.
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Webinar: Rationalize Your Collaboration Tools

This webinar provides guidance for IT on inventorying existing collaboration tools, aligning them to the organization's requirements, eliminating...
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Webinar: Balance End-User Empowerment With IT Governance in Your Microsoft Teams Deployment

This webinar provides guidance for IT to balance end users' creative use of Microsoft Teams with its own need for ensuring data security,...
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Webinar: Prepare Your Organization to Successfully Embrace the “New Normal”

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 will slowly settle – but it will leave many changes in its wake. IT leaders need to prepare for the "New Normal."
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Webinar: Casinos in Crisis: The Road Ahead

Plot a strategic course for casino operations & reopening in a post-COVID-19 “new normal” world.
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COVID-19 Healthcare Roundtable

Listen to this special COVID-19 Healthcare Roundtable to gain insight into what others in Healthcare IT are doing to cope with this unprecedented...
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COVID-19 Local Government Roundtable

Listen to this special COVID-19 Local Government Roundtable to gain insight into what others in Local Government IT are doing to cope with this...
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