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Webinar: Manage Your Technical Debt

Follow our structured approach to identify, measure, and manage your technical debt.
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FBI’s Own Hackers Break Into US Servers With a Mission

Do you really want the feds doing your security work for you?
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Webinar: Improve IT Satisfaction by Standardizing the Service Desk

The service desk is the foundation of all other IT service management processes. For IT to become a strategic and trusted partner to the...
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Webinar: Deliver a Customer Service Training Program to Your IT Department

IT leaders often focus on measures of effectiveness and timeliness when evaluating their service desk, missing a key piece of what it takes to...
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WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update: What Not to Do

What can a messaging app teach us about Change Management?
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Webinar: SD-WAN: Finally, a WAN for the Rest of Us!

SD-WAN vendors promise to empower local IT to bend a black-box, monolithic world of telecom-centric, MPLS-type services into something responsive...
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Webinar: Successfully Navigate the Collaboration Tools Market

Exploring the enterprise collaboration tool marketspace is difficult. The problem with finding a suitable collaboration tool is that there are...
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Webinar: Develop a Technical Skills Sourcing Plan

At the same time as new IT infrastructure technologies are generating demand for new skills, old systems require care and support.
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Webinar: Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan

Organizational resilience today requires a new way of thinking about backups and disaster recovery.
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