I&O Process Management - Storyboard

Storyboard: Take Control of Infrastructure Metrics

Many organizations collect metrics to validate they are keeping the lights on and the infrastructure running. But the Infrastructure Managers who are benefiting the most...

Storyboard: Create a Configuration Management Roadmap

A CMDB is only as valuable as the processes it supports. Before you invest, identify the IT processes that will be improved through use of a CMDB. With a good roadmap,...

Implement a Shared Services Model Storyboard

Before you make the move to implement a shared services model, know the comprehensive list of project risks and implications, and ensure that your business is ready to...

Improve IT Operations Management – Phases 1-3

What is IT operations management? This term encompasses a broad spectrum of IT activities, including all those supporting your organization's ability to delivery IT...

Improve IT Operations Management – Phase 1: Assess the Current State of IT Operations

IT operations management can be an overwhelming project to take on, and figuring out where to start is often one of the more challenging aspects. Take time to assess...

Improve IT Operations Management – Phase 2: Define and Validate the Service Level Requirements

Effective IT operations management is a result of efficient service level management. Ensure that your organization has the appropriate service level agreements in place...

Improve IT Operations Management – Phase 3: Develop and Implement an Operations Management Roadmap

Put it all together with a comprehensive plan to tackle improvement initiatives within each of the functional areas of IT operations management. Use this phase to guide...

Improve IT-Business Alignment Through an Internal SLA – Phases 1-3

Understand business requirements, clarify current capabilities, and enable strategies to close service level gaps.

Improve IT-Business Alignment Through an Internal SLA – Phase 1: Scope the Pilot Project

Identify the benefits of an SLA. Identify the pilot project. Create the pilot project charter.

Improve IT-Business Alignment Through an Internal SLA – Phase 2: Determine Current Service Levels

Document current IT operational procedures. Identify the metrics to track.
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