Top 10 Strategies for Reducing Costs

Cutting costs can be an overwhelming and painful task, but knowing where to focus your efforts can make it easier. Take a look at our top ten favorite strategies. It...

IT Asset Manager

The role of the IT Asset Manager is to oversee the daily and long-term strategic management of software and technology-related hardware within the organization.

ITAM Project Charter Template

Organize your plan to build out your asset management process with a project charter.

Quick Wins Save 5% Now!

Do you need to make a difference this week? This month? Take a look at these tactics and tools to build your guerilla plan.

Video: Software Asset Management

Implement Software Asset Management to reduce costs and improve processes.

Negotiation Tips How to Save $ With Vendors

Knowledge is power. Go into your vendor negotiations with these tips and tools in your back pocket.

Ten Tips for Successful Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs)

Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) can be a big hassle if managed poorly. Control the process to reduce IT support costs and increase end-user satisfaction. Use these tips...

Communicate the Value of Desktop Virtualization to the CXO

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can be an effective solution for managing end client assets and the client experience. Just like any other solution, VDI must also...

SAM Standard Operating Procedures

This template is designed to assist you in the creation of a standard operating procedure for software asset management.

Showcase IT's Value with an Effective BAP Executive Summary

IT organizations are continually challenged by users and senior management to prove they can, and do, deliver a strong value proposition. However, without a clear...
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