Transition FAQs Template

A template for tracking frequently asked questions about organizational change.

Stakeholder Management Template

Document stakeholder information using this template.

Data Provenance Policy

The value of data as an institutional resource is increased through its widespread and appropriate use; its value is diminished through improper sourcing, misuse,...

Cloud Security Specialist

Job description for the Cloud Security Specialist role.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist's role is to harness vast amounts of data to optimize business results. He/she will exercise their knowledge of descriptive and multivariate...

Transformation Planning Template

A template to define and plan the activities that are appropriate for your transformation.

IT Strategy Case Study of a Non-Profit Healthcare Provider

A community-based, non-profit healthcare organization has seen a rapid increase in the complexity, scope, and volume of IT services delivered over the past two years. A...

Emerging Technology Analyst

Job description for the Emerging Technology Analyst role.

Data Integration and Virtualization Policy

The data integration and virtualization policy will outline the responsibilities for mitigating the risks to personal privacy when integrating, replicating, or...

Implement a New Organizational Structure – Phase 2: Build the Organizational Transition Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Implement a New Organizational Structure, will help you develop a holistic plan of your organizational change.
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