Strategy & Operating Model - Storyboard

Storyboard: Move Email to the Cloud

The future of email is in the cloud. IT leaders must have a position on cloud email and make the appropriate preparations. It is the most cost-effective email options for...

Build a Strategic Workforce Plan – Phases 1-3

Build a strategic workforce plan to drive IT engagement and productivity, and limit workforce gaps.

Become a Strategic CIO – Phases 1-4

CIOs have to act now and arm themselves with the competencies required to become a strategic business partner and earn a seat at the table with their executive peers.

Become a Strategic CIO – Phase 2: Assess

Assess your strategic CIO competencies and executive stakeholder relationships to assist with your personal development goals.

Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 2: Identify and Assess IT Risk

Identify and assess IT's greatest risks.

Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 3: Monitor, Communicate, and Respond to IT Risk

Establish monitoring responsibilities, develop risk responses, and communicate your risk priorities to the business.

Enhance Your Application Architecture – Phase 3: Design Target Architecture and Define Design Process

This phase of the blueprint, Enhance Your Application Architecture, will help you design and justify your target application architecture, and define your architecture...

Build a Strategic Workforce Plan – Phase 2: Analyze Workforce Needs

Your workforce is more than the jobs you have. For a holistic picture, you need to consider your organization’s culture, competencies, and potential.

Create an IT Sourcing Strategy – Phases 1-6

Create a sourcing strategy as a collaborative effort between IT, the business, and the vendor management and procurement departments.

Create a Right-Sized Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework – Phase 5: EA Policy

Create an EA policy to provide a set of guidelines designed to direct and constrain the architecture actions of the organization in the pursuit of its goals in order to...
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