Strategy & Operating Model - Storyboard

Build a Strategic IT Workforce Plan – Phases 1-3

Build a strategic workforce plan to drive IT engagement and productivity, and limit workforce gaps.

Storyboard: Create a Game Plan to Implement Cloud Backup the Right Way

There is a lot of hype and a lot of fear around targeting backups at the cloud. Complete this blueprint to get a sense of the real risks and rewards of cloud backup.

Storyboard: Establish an Effective System of Internal IT Controls to Mitigate Risks

This Blueprint will help you establish a well-designed system of internal controls that helps the IT department operate as intended by mitigating its greatest risks.

Design Your IT Organization for the Future – Phases 1-4

This storyboard is a step-by-step guide on how to design the right IT organizational structure to ensure objectives are always achieved.

Storyboard: Take Control of Compliance Improvement to Conquer Every Audit

This blueprint walks a CIO through the compliance cycle in an effort to improve compliance, reduce compliance costs, and bring value to the business through targeted...

Modernize Data Architecture for Measurable Business Results – Phases 1-3

Develop a data architecture practice that includes both traditional and modern architecture elements in order to support your organization's present-day data requirements...

Make IT a Successful Partner in M&A Integration – Phases 1-4

Organizations continue to underestimate the role of IT during M&A integration. Use the steps in this blueprint to kick-start your IT integration effort.

Make IT a Successful Partner in M&A Integration – Phase 1: Launch the Project

Get off to a head start by identifying M&A business objectives and designing the IT end-state vision accordingly.

Make IT a Successful Partner in M&A Integration – Phase 2: Conduct Discovery and Design the Technology End-State

Kick-start the discovery of each IT domain in both organizations and design the resultant state.

Make IT a Successful Partner in M&A Integration – Phase 3: Initiate Operational Imperatives and Quick-Wins

During discovery, identify operational imperatives and quick-wins to maintain business function while capturing synergies.
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