Create an IT Sourcing Strategy

Strategic sourcing is critical to IT’s ability to provide solutions, yet this discipline is often overlooked. Many IT organizations approach sourcing as one-off decisions...
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Improve Business Satisfaction by 10% Through Business Relationship Management

Leverage Info-Tech’s diagnostics and deliverables to see dramatic improvements in your overall business satisfaction through effective relationship management. This...
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Become a Strategic CIO

As a CIO, you are currently operating in a stable and trusted IT environment, but you would like to advance your role to strategic business partner. CIOs are often...
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Make IT a Partner in Successful M&A Due Diligence

Even though IT-related activities can be the larget cost item in an M&A, many organizations continue to underestimate the role IT plays in successfully executing a merger...
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Align IT with the Real End Customer

Organizations are becoming increasingly focused on the customer and much of this focus places technology at the center. Take a process-based approach for aligning IT with...
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Optimize IT Decision-Making

A key objective for IT management should be to establish effective decision rights for IT versus the business. Misplaced rights can create problems for IT that at the...
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