Enterprise Architecture

M&A Runbook for Infrastructure and Operations – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how to deliver great value to the business as a strategic partner during the M&A.

M&A Runbook for Infrastructure and Operations – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you tackle your next M&A deal.

Infrastructure Outsourcing RFP Scoring Tool

Use the prefilled examples in this RFP Vendor Proposal Scoring Tool to assess which vendor proposal can best meet your infrastructure outsourcing services requirements in...

Infrastructure Service RFP Template

Use the prefilled examples in this RFP template to procure a variety of infrastructure outsourcing services.

What to Consider Commercially Before Purchasing Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, with its scalability and enterprise-grade security, is quickly catching up to Amazon Web Services in enterprise public cloud adoption rates....

Avoid the PIA Trap, Integrate PbD Early in Your AppDev Process

Accelerate your application’s GDPR compliance with data protection by design.

Blockchain Use Case Evaluation Tool

The Blockchain Use Case Evaluation Tool will help you to record your blockchain use case ideas and then assess them based on their viability, feasibility, and...

Data Classification Inventory Tool

Use this tool to track and classify corporate data. Gain insight on the location and security of various data and repositories to drive strategic security decisions.

Are Regulations and Compliance Better With Cloud?

The migration to external services has pushed regulation and compliance to the forefront of discussions. Are we as an organization at a greater risk in moving to external...

Blockchain Presentation Template

Use this template to present your findings on blockchain to stakeholders.
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