Enterprise Architecture - Blueprints

Prepare for AI Regulation

Generative AI introduces new risks, and several institutions are introducing guidance or legislation to mitigate the risks involved in deploying AI-based technologies.

Launch Your AI Proof of Concept

The purpose of this project is to identify relevant capabilities to support your AI use case, validate AI use cases against business requirements, and select vendors to...
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Build a Data Integration Strategy

Data is one of the most important assets in a modern enterprise. Contained within an organization’s data are representations of customers, the products, and the...
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Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform Selection Guide

Business intelligence and analytics solutions are becoming increasingly essential tools, transforming organizational data into actionable insights that inform and guide...
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Develop a Master Data Management Practice and Platform

Master data management (MDM) provides a single, reliable, and precise view of the organization. Approaching MDM with a clear blueprint that provides a step-by-step...
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Build Foundational Structures With Information Architecture

The structural state of org-wide solutions lacks consistency, standardization, and fortitude. Knowledge is either duplicated or lost as a result. The problems are too...

Map Your Business Architecture to Define Your Strategy

Business architecture provides a holistic and unified view of the organization’s activities that provide value to their clients and the of the resources that make those...

Create a Data Management Roadmap

This blueprint will help you design a data management practice that will allow your organization to use data as a strategic enabler.
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Document Your Cloud Strategy

The cloud is a multifaceted concept with lots of upside, but lots of potential downside as well, if used improperly. This blueprint will help you bring stakeholders...
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Define Your Cloud Vision

This blueprint reviews the characteristics, pros, and cons of cloud services, helping readers understand when to employ software-, platform-, and...
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