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Build a Data Pipeline for Reporting and Analytics – Phase 3: Select Data Design Patterns

This phase of the blueprint, Build a Data Pipeline for Reporting and Analytics, will help you select the appropriate data design patterns for your data pipeline components.

A Consensus Is Emerging: AI Regulation Must Be a Global Effort That’s Values-Driven, Risk-Based, and Evidence-Informed

Governments are starting to regulate AI. The current efforts are still rather fragmented, but a consensus is emerging. Read our summary from a recent event, the Athens...

Webinar: Build a Reporting and Analytics Strategy

Your reporting and analytics strategy must support the organization’s strategy – it provides direction and requirements for data accumulation, augmentation, and...

AI Registers: Finally, a Tool to Increase Transparency in AI/ML

Transparency, explainability, and trust are pressing topics in AI/ML today. While much has been written about why these are important and what organizations should do, no...

Create and Manage Enterprise Data Models

Models represent the real world and make it more understandable. Data models play the same role and are a powerful communication tool for the IT professional and business...
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Create and Manage Enterprise Data Models – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the value of enterprise data models.

Create and Manage Enterprise Data Models – Phases 1-3

Take a step-by-step approach to create data models that provide business value and are linked to business capabilities and processes.

Enterprise Data Models

Use this Archi file in conjunction with the blueprint Create and Manage Enterprise Data Models.

Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection

An excerpt from the Create and Manage Enterprise Data Models blueprint.

Data Modeling Playbook

A step-by-step playbook to create your data models.
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