Data & Business Intelligence - Storyboard

Create a Data Management Roadmap – Phases 1-2

Use this blueprint to translate strategic direction and vision for data (the "what") into a plan of action for the data practice (the "how"), addressing governance,...

Establish Data Governance – Phases 1-3 – APAC

Data Governance Research – A step-by-step document to ensure that the people handling the data are involved in the decisions surrounding data usage, data quality,...

AI Governance Storyboard

Use this blueprint to define a framework to implement the appropriate safeguards and controls and to ensure responsible, ethical, fair, and transparent AI.

Virtual Data Room Guide Storyboard

This guide will explain the purpose, uses, and what to look out for when acquiring a virtual data room solution. It will also go through a brief provider comparison to...

Adopting e-Signature – Phases 1-3

Find the right electronic signature solution for your digital records and contracts processes. Learn about the regulatory and technical things to think about when...

Develop an Enterprise Content Management Strategy and Roadmap – Phases 1-3

Develop an ECM strategy roadmap to enable your employees to work smart, not hard, by following Info-Tech's simple three-phase approach: scope, understand, and build.

Build Your Data Practice and Platform Storyboard

Use Info-Tech's road-tested patterns and frameworks found in this blueprint to break the perpetual data solution cycle. Focus on the value that a data and analytics...

Drive Business Value With Off-the-Shelf AI Storyboard

This blueprint provides a framework and a step-by-step approach to guide organizations through the successful selection of the off-the-shelf AI product that delivers...

Get Started With Artificial Intelligence – Phase 1: Explore the Possibilities

This phase of the blueprint, Get Started With AI, will help you understand what AI really means in practice.

Get Started With Artificial Intelligence – Phase 2: Learn From Your Peers and Give Your AI a Purpose

This phase of the blueprint, Get Started With AI, will help you learn what others in your industry are doing and define what to do in your organization to create the most...
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