Open Data Maturity Assessment

This tool will help you to assess the maturity level of your open data program using a proven open data maturity framework.

AI Initiative Roadmap

This tool will help you to roadmap your AI initiative with a work schedule, a progress report, and an area to track goals and metrics.

Innovation Assessment Tool

This tool will help you to assess your innovation program on a macro and micro level for both the dimension of innovation projects and the psychological capital of...

Innovation Planning Tool

This tool will help you formalize the processes of your innovation program by tying them to the IT strategy.

Blockchain Adoption Decision Tree

Use this tool to decide on the best course to take on blockchain for your organization.

Blockchain Alignment Tool

The Blockchain Alignment Tool will help you to identify the tools and components of your current big data architecture that can be reused for your big data use case. It...

Research Study Log Tool

Use this tool to design a stakeholder research study and record your observations to validate your stakeholder journey map.

Disruptive Technology Research Database Tool

This tool will help you keep track of your longlist of disruptive technologies over time. Remember: analysis of disruption is an iterative process.

Transformation Capability Assessment

Use this tool to evaluate the current and target levels of maturity for each of the transformational capabilities. The tool will also help you create a plan to address...

Transformation Dashboard

This tool helps you build a dashboard to track transformation success and sustain the transformation capability.
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