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AI Competency Library 

The AI Competency Library will help you select and develop AI competencies. It provides AI use cases and roles mapped to the complimentary competencies needed.

(Re)Calibrate Your IT Workforce for AI Storyboard

This research provides a guide to help organizations determine the AI workforce competencies they need and build a prioritized plan to close their AI skills gap.

AI Competency Gap Analysis Tool

This tool will help IT leaders uncover what AI competencies they need in their workforce and how they plan to get them so they can deliver on AI and business goals.

(Re)Calibrate Your IT Workforce for AI

The rapid evolution of AI has created gaps between the required and available skills needed to smoothly implement and maintain AI. Combined with the pace of change, this...
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AI Will Replace Workers. Stop Pretending It Won’t.

AI is not just a retraining activity. It involves rethinking the role of IT and its place in the organization. This includes replacing your IT staff with AI solutions. IT...

Job Description Template

Use this template to write and standardize the content in job description to focus on the necessary components. Managers overseeing the position should collaborate with...

IT Job Description Writing Guide

Use this guide whenever you need to update, rewrite, or write a job description. Use this guide in conjunction with Info-Tech's Job Description Template.

Job Description Review Checklist

Use this checklist to review existing job descriptions to make sure you consider necessary information and include critical requirements for an effective job description.

Write Better IT Job Descriptions

As new technologies and ways of working emerge, the role of IT changes. So should your job descriptions. Don’t waste time searching online for the perfect job...

Write Better IT Job Descriptions Storyboard

This deck helps you use the Info-Tech IT Job Description Library most effectively. It includes supplemental information to that on the website.
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