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Get the Most Out of Your SAP Workbook

This tool accompanies Get the Most Out of Your SAP blueprint and is used to document and assist with this process.

Optimize Software Pricing in a Volatile Competitive Market Workbook

This workbook contains product pricing priorities, interviewee tracking, sample questions, and “critical” competitive information, which enables the price team to...

Project Burndown Chart

A tool to create an Agile project burndown chart.

Traditional to Agile Gating Artifact Mapping

Map your traditional gating artifacts to Agile delivery.

Survey Emails Best Practices Guidelines

The Survey Emails Best Practices Guidelines will provide you with step-by-step information and guidance on how to perform survey emails.

Get the Most Out of Your Dynamics 365 F&O Workbook

Use this template to record the outputs from the blueprint activities in build your "Get the Most Out of your Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Report".

Agile Requirements Playbook

A practical playbook for aligning your teams, and articulating the guidelines for managing your requirements in Agile.

Documentation Calculator

A tool for determining the right level of documentation for your organization and whether you’re spending too much, or not enough, on Agile requirements documentation.

Agile Requirements Workbook

Supporting tools and templates in advancing your Agile requirements practice, to be used in conjunction with the Agile Requirements Blueprint, and the Playbook.

Agile Requirements Assessment

Establishes your current Agile requirements maturity, defines your target maturity, and supports planning to get there.
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