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Define the Role of Project Management in Agile and Product-Centric Delivery Storyboard

Use this guide to understand the steps necessary to define the role of project management in Agile and product-centric organizations.

Satisfy Digital End Users With Low- and No-Code – Phases 1-3

This blueprint helps you develop an approach to understand your low and no code challenges and priorities and to shortlist, govern, and manage the right low- and no-code...

Define a Sourcing Strategy for Your Development Team Storyboard

This storyboard defines a method for analyzing your current application portfolio and organization so you can define a sourcing strategy for your development team.

Make the Case for Product Delivery Storyboard

This solution set helps you make the case for your transition to product delivery.

Agile Readiness Assessment Storyboard

The Agile Readiness Assessment is a tool that will help your organization to better understand its readiness for an Agile transformation.

Enable Omnichannel Commerce That Delights Your Customers – Phases 1-2

Having a well-rounded commerce strategy is essential to providing a strong customer experience. Blend traditional and e-commerce channels to allow your customers to...

Build Your First RPA Bot – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you build your first RPA bot.

Build Your First RPA Bot – Phase 1: Define Your RPA Governance

This phase of the blueprint, Build Your First RPA Bot, will help you define reasonable RPA expectations, build the appropriate guiding principles, and develop your RPA...

Build Your First RPA Bot – Phase 2: Deliver and Manage Your Bots

This phase of the blueprint, Build Your First RPA Bot, will help you evaluate your business process and operational platform, shortlist your RPA vendor features, and...

Build Your First RPA Bot – Phase 3: Roadmap Your RPA Adoption

This phase of the blueprint, Build Your First RPA Bot, will help you roadmap your RPA pilot and initiatives to establish your RPA foundation.
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