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Storyboard: Gain Real Insights with a Social Analytics Program

Social analytics are indispensable in gaining real-time insights across marketing, sales, and customer service. Use social analytics to tap into the "world's largest...

Storyboard: Determine if Cloud ERP Lies in the Future

Cloud ERP is here to stay. Ultimately the decision is about risk, not cost, and the formula is right for start-ups, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. Include cloud...

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Customer Service Knowledge Management Suites

Info-Tech evaluated nine competitors in the Customer Service Knowledge Management market.

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Email Marketing Solutions

Info-Tech evaluated eight competitors in the email marketing market.

Storyboard: Enter Into Mobile Development Without Confusion and Frustration

Mobile applications are changing traditional assumptions about app development, increasing the need for management awareness and augmenting existing app lifecycles....

Storyboard: Reduce Churn and Improve an Existing Software Development Practice

The business owns all software artifacts as tangible assets. Many development practices focus on improving process as a means of achieving value for the business. The...

Storyboard: Optimize Existing Applications for Security in an Untrusted World

An application stack touches the code, data, and network layers. Unfortunately, much of the existing literature focuses on the network layer alone. Our research will help...

Storyboard: Optimize Business Processes to Limit ERP Customization

This research will address common inefficiencies related to business processes that interact with your ERP system. The blueprint will help you both prioritize what...

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Talent Management Solutions

Talent Management (TM) suites are an end-to-end solution; they generally cover recruitment, performance management, learning, and compensation. Use this research to find...

Storyboard: Mobilize the Workforce by Mobilizing ERP

Mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) is really about data: more of it, of better quality, and where you need it to be.
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