ERP Requirements Picklist Tool

Use this tool to collect ERP requirements in alignment with the major functional areas of ERP.

ERP RFP and Demonstration Scoring Tool

Use this tool to help you evaluate and compare the results of your ERP RFP process, quickly and easily.

ERP Communication Planning Template

The ERP Communication Planning Template will help your organization make ERP initiatives visible and create stakeholder awareness.

ERP Strategy Roadmap Tool

Using an eight-step process, this tool will help you create a comprehensive roadmap that will address improvement opportunities given your current and ideal state for ERP.

Mobile ERP Opportunity Assessment Tool

This tool performs a three-stage gate analysis about your mobile ERP decision. After completing the tool, you will have a go or no go decision, a recommended path to...

Business Process Assessment and Prioritization Tool

The Business Process Opportunity Assessment tool helps organizations understand key metrics relating to key business processes that interact with the ERP system.

ERP Optimization Program Manual

The ERP Optimization Program Manual will help maintain control over your ERP optimization process by providing one document to log all information relating to the ERP...

Risk-Adjusted Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool for ERP Deployment Types

This workbook allows enterprises to fill in information regarding the costs, benefits, and risks of different types of ERP deployments.

Cloud ERP Appropriateness Assessment Tool

This workbook allows IT leaders to answer a series of questions regarding their ERP requirements and readiness for various deployment options including on-premise,...

ERP Integration Steering Committee Charter

Understanding and defining the business case for extending the ERP system requires input from the business units and senior management. Build an Integration Steering...
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