Aha! and Azure DevOps – Working Together, Sprinting Together

Aha! has improved its integration with Azure DevOps to improve release and sprint visibility for both developers and stakeholders.

Implement DevOps Practices That Work – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the value, opportunities, and challenges with adopting DevOps.

Implement DevOps Practices That Work – Phase 4: Create Your DevOps Roadmap

This phase of the blueprint, Implement DevOps Practices That Work, will help you build your DevOps adoption roadmap.

Implement DevOps Practices That Work – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you streamline and optimize business value delivery with DevOps practices.

ALM Works Extends Its Structure.Gantt Capabilities

ALM Works’ Structure.Gantt extends Jira’s and Structure’s data to better manage timelines, dependencies, and resources.

Visure Makes Requirements Accessible to All Stakeholders

In order to combat technical challenges with accessing requirements, Visure has released a new web-based interface for reviewing requirements.

Transition to Product Delivery – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you create a product delivery strategy that defines the capabilities and roles needed to satisfy product requirements and demands.

Transition to Product Delivery – Phase 1: Define Your Product Families and Objectives

This phase of the blueprint, Transition to Product Delivery, will help you understand the product families and hierarchies within your organization and the requirements...

Transition to Product Delivery

Product delivery is not for everyone. It requires a shift in mindset, accountabilities, and structure that your organization may not be ready to accept. Look for...
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Focus Product Delivery on the Customer With VisionFlow

Visionera’s VisionFlow provides a centralized platform to develop, maintain, and support applications and products through CRM- and service-management-oriented...
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