Modernize Your Applications

Application leaders are investing heavily in modernization initiatives to improve the value of their legacy applications to support their digital transformation. However,...
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Modernize Your Applications – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why taking a strategic approach is critical for application modernization success.

Modernize Your Applications – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you adopt the right application modernization techniques to meet your business and IT objectives.

Modernize Your Applications – Phase 1: Set Your Vision

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize Your Applications, will help you set the appropriate expectations for application modernization.

Modernize Your Applications – Phase 2: Identify Your Modernization Opportunities

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize Your Applications, will help you identify the value streams and business capabilities that will gain the most from application...

Modernize Your Applications – Phase 3: Plan Your Modernization

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize Your Applications, will help you build a practical and achievable modernization roadmap.

Application Modernization Communication Template

This document, associated with the blueprint Modernize Your Applications, will help you communicate how application modernization can be applied to your organization.

Morpheus Leads the Shift from Cloud Management Platform to Hybrid Cloud Application Orchestration with Its 5.0 Release

The Morpheus cloud management platform (CMP) has moved beyond its original focus on DevOps automation and self-service. Morpheus provides a management control plane to...

Automate Your Software Delivery Lifecycle

Software delivery practices have been forced to become efficient to match demanding expectations from business stakeholders. Throughput, quality, and reliability have to...
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Automate Your Software Delivery Lifecycle – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should optimize and automate your software delivery life cycle and how you can quantify the benefits through...
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