Activate Your Augmented Reality Initiative

This blueprint reviews Info-Tech’s business-centric definition of augmented reality, as well as the technology’s key benefits and how it will impact a variety of...
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Implement Agile Practices That Work

An Agile approach enables the flexibility and scalability required to accommodate changing requirements and a rapid development environment. Begin with the Scrum...
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Make Development Teams Leaner and Improve Time-to-Release in Five Steps

The business expects your development team to be able to deliver new products and services within tight deadlines and budgetary constraints. However, they are often...
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Choose the Right Tools for Big Data Development

Little focus today is given to big data development tools other than the use of generic programming languages like Java. Use a Hadoop pilot to establish a development...
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Optimize Existing Applications for Security in an Untrusted World

An application stack touches the code, data, and network layers. Unfortunately, much of the existing literature focuses on the network layer alone. Our research will help...
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Reduce Churn and Improve an Existing Software Development Practice

The business owns all software artifacts as tangible assets. Many development practices focus on improving process as a means of achieving value for the business. The...
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Application Development

Our Application Development Research is designed to enable you to optimize your application development processes.

Vendor Landscape: Application Development Tools

Business is tight, timelines are tight, and getting more done in less time while staying in touch with the leading trends in software is critical to any business. Using...

Get Ready for Application Development Outsourcing

Many organizations enter into outsourcing arrangements without understanding the inherent risks and the internal changes they will need to make to their own staffing,...
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