Custom Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Rules Engines

An Enterprise Rules Engine (ERE) provides the ability to embed a configurable business rules management appliance into an existing application (custom-built or...

Develop Your Agile Approach for a Successful Transformation

Agile transformations can be difficult and complex to implement. That’s because they require fundamental changes in the way an organization thinks and behaves (and many...
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Sprint Capacity Spreadsheet

Capture each Scrum team member's capacity for each Sprint to avoid overloading them.

Evolve Your SDLC Example Flows

The SDLC examples are sanitized versions of process flows and related deliverables from other Member workshops. You can use these as a starting point or to help validate...

Solution DLC Playbook Template

Document your solution delivery lifecycle with implementation and support plans.

Evolve Your Software Delivery Into a Solution Delivery Lifecycle – Phases 1-3

Expand your SDLC into a Solution Delivery Lifecycle documenting Intake, Product Management, Operations, and Value Measurement.

Adopt Generative AI in Solution Delivery

With delivery teams under continual pressure to deliver faster, higher-quality products, the promise of Generative AI (GenAI) is too tempting to pass up, but it can be...

Gen AI Solution Delivery Readiness Assessment Tool

This tool will help you understand if your solution delivery practice is ready for Gen AI.

Adopt Generative AI in Solution Delivery Storyboard

A step-by-step guide that helps you assess whether Gen AI is right for your solution delivery practices.

Roadmap for Transition to Agile

Build and frame your roadmap to effectively transition to Agile.
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