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Satisfy Digital End Users With Low- and No-Code

Low- and no-code promises enticing benefits, but they come with caveats. Without the right training, adoption plan, and governance structure for low- and no-code, IT will...
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Make the Case for Product Delivery

Products are the lifeblood of an organization. They deliver the capabilities needed to deliver value to customers, internal users, and stakeholders. Product-centric...

Applications Priorities 2022

In 2022, to compete in the digital economy, organizations need to unlock the potential of their applications. It might be maturing the processes that span the digital...

Application Portfolio Management Foundations

This blueprint will help you streamline and rationalize Application Portfolio Management by following our four-phase methodology: Lay Your Foundations, Improve Your...
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Build an Application Department Strategy

Your application department strategy isn’t just about what you should do next. It is a balance of identity, priority, and goals.
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Embrace Business-Managed Applications

The traditional model of managing applications does not address the demands of today’s rapidly changing market and digitally minded business, putting stress on scarce IT...
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Modernize Your Applications

Application leaders are investing heavily in modernization initiatives to improve the value of their legacy applications to support their digital transformation. However,...
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Automate Your Software Delivery Lifecycle

Software delivery practices have been forced to become efficient to match demanding expectations from business stakeholders. Throughput, quality, and reliability have to...
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Build Your BizDevOps Playbook

DevOps took the industry by storm. Successful organizations seen significant improvements in their software delivery process and product quality with automated and...
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Integrate Portfolios to Create Exceptional Customer Value

Through growth, you have a significant footprint of projects and applications. Projects and applications have little in common, all with their own history and pedigree....
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