Leverage Staff Feedback to Improve Management Performance

Don't let IT staff feedback sit on the shelf; harness it to drive superior management performance.


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Your Challenge

  • IT staff are dissatisfied with certain aspects of how the organization is managed; there’s a possible disconnect between management’s view of the department and what staff think of the issues.
  • Staff feedback is not collected, or it is collected in an unorganized and ad-hoc manner. Worse, feedback is not analyzed and is not taken into account when pursuing organizational improvements.
  • Management inaction on staff feedback leads to frustration, declining morale, and higher turnover.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • IT leaders need to listen to their people. There should be a formal process in place for collecting, analyzing and implementing feedback.
  • Using IT staff feedback is not just a prudent method for gathering insights about the organization and possibilities for improvement; it can also be a powerful method for increasing staff engagement and confidence in management ability.

Impact and Result

  • This set will help managers make informed decisions about how to use IT staff feedback to drive improved performance throughout the IT organization.

Leverage Staff Feedback to Improve Management Performance


Assess current management perceptions and feedback processes.

Ensure you have the right feedback collection methods in place for the information gathering requirements you need.


Gather and analyze feedback, and move forward with organizational improvements.

Remedy problems and pursue opportunities identified by management and IT staff.