Threat Landscape Briefing – October 2023

In this month’s briefing we explore:

  • Cross-tenant impersonation attacks responsible for recent high-profile breaches (timestamp – 00:58)
    • In early September, several customers of Okta’s IAM platform, were targeted in a sophisticated that allows threat attackers to leverage their foothold in one system to compromise another, allowing them to move laterally throughout an organization.
    • See Info-Tech’s Assess and Govern Identity Security.
  • Deadglyph, the modular malware you need to be aware of (timestamp – 04:26)
  • Router firmware manipulation: a rising threat (timestamp – 07:12)
    • A sophisticated hacking group, BlackTech, is targeting organizations in the United States and Japan, according to a joint advisory from both countries.
    • See Info-Tech’s Network Segmentation.
  • Attackers targeting users through a fake password manager site (timestamp – 09:48)
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Featured Speakers

Fred Chagnon

Principal Research Director
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Carlos Rivera

Principal Research Advisor, Security & Privacy
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Ahmad Jowhar

Research Specialist, Security & Privacy
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Safayat Moahamad

Research Director
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