Fred Chagnon Info-Tech Analyst

Practice Lead, Infrastructure & Operations at Info-Tech Research Group

23 Years in IT

Fred Chagnon is a Research Director in the Infrastructure practice. He brings extensive practical experience in all aspects of enterprise IT Infrastructure including IP networks, server hardware, operating systems, storage, databases, middleware, virtualization and security.

Info-Tech Analyst

About Me

Fred Chagnon is a Senior Research Director for Info-Tech Research Group. He leads the research that Info-Tech publishes centered around core infrastructure and cloud computing and works in an advisory capacity with the IT leaders that form Info-Tech's member base. As an advisor in the space Chagnon provides guidance on strategy, tactics, and decision making ceriteria in the areas of cloud computing, infrastructure modernization, and enterprise networking. These frequent touchpoints are what has allowed Fred to stay on the pulse of current trends such as the adoption of public cloud, software-defined infrastructure, and the over-arching shift to everything-as-a-service.

Prior to joining Info-Tech Fred spent fifteen years as a Systems Architect working in the telecommunication sector both deploying and maintaining large-scale IT solutions, particularly with converged and hyper-converged infrastructure.

Fred holds multiple Computer Science certificates from Ryerson University and is currently pursuing a business degree from Athabasca University. He has also been previously certified in various technical disciplines by Cisco, Oracle and the SANS Institute.

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