Threat Landscape Briefing – August 2023

In this month’s briefing we explore:

  • The rise of exfiltration-only ransomware attacks (01:08)
  • VMware releases Aria Operations for Logs 8.12 to address multiple security defects (03:47)
    • This latest series of vulnerabilities is not indicative of any deficiency within the company, but rather the rigor necessary to effectively maintain infrastructure and software components.
    • See Info-Tech’s Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management.
  • CISA sets deadline for government agencies to patch Adobe ColdFusion servers (07:28)
    • The real challenge with vulnerability management isn’t just finding the weak spots and fixing them; it’s doing so in a way that won’t break something else and cause another problem.
    • See Info-Tech’s Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management.
  • Security risks from GIGABYTE App Center backdoor (08:44)
    • In the case of such a widespread product backdoor, it represents a supply chain risk for organizations with GIGABYTE system components. These types of issues expose organizations to a wide range of risks and attack scenarios.
    • See Info-Tech’s Build a Vendor Security Assessment Service.
  • Cybersecurity advisory issued by US and Canadian authorities on Truebot (12:20)
  • Quantum leap: Magnetic twist unleashes fault-tolerant qubits (15:11)
    • You need to act now to begin your transformation to quantum-resistant encryption. Organizations must proactively initiate their transition toward quantum-resistant encryption to ensure data protection.
    • See Info-Tech’s Prepare for Post-Quantum Cryptography.

Featured Speakers

Michel Hebert

Research Director, Security & Privacy
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Logan Rohde

Senior Research Analyst, Security, Risk & Compliance
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Alan Tang

Principal Research Director, Security & Privacy
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Petar Hristov

Research Director, Security & Privacy
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Carlos Rivera

Principal Research Advisor, Security & Privacy
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Ahmad Jowhar

Research Specialist, Security & Privacy
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