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Does Your Oracle ULA Allow Deployment in the Public Cloud?

Oracle’s Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) has become a favored tool of Oracle account reps as it provides the customer with the right to deploy and use a specified set...

Oracle Is Replacing Free Java SE Public Support With Paid Subscription Support Offering

Amidst several years of stagnant revenues, Oracle has decided to convert the free Java SE public support model into a paid subscription while increasing the release...

Simplify Identity and Access Management – Phase 2: Implement a Risk- and Role-Based Access Control Model

This phase of the blueprint Simplify Identity and Access Management will guide readers through the process of creating and implementing a RBAC model.

Simplify Identity and Access Management – Phase 3: Create an RBAC Maintenance Plan

This phase of the blueprint Simplify Identity and Access Management covers best practices regarding exception handling and maintaining the RBAC system over time.

Select a Marketing Management Suite

Determine whether marketing management suite (MMS) technology is right for your organization. Find your use case and select an appropriate marketing solution by utilizing...
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Select a Marketing Management Suite – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how to turbocharge your company’s marketing capabilities with a marketing management suite.

AI and the Cloud

No one needs to be convinced that the cloud is where the money is. There is no major cloud provider today that isn't also looking to compete – and, much more important,...

Oracle Is Finally Ready to Make Its Mark in the Cloud

Oracle makes some “go big or go home” claims this quarter.

Is Oracle Finally Poised to Catch up in the Cloud?

Oracle has been late to arrive to the “cloud wars” where Amazon.com (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), IBM (IBM), and Google (GOOG) have dominated both on the balance sheet and in...

Explore the Secrets of SAP Software Contracts to Optimize Spend and Reduce Compliance Risk

Monitoring user counts, examining license feature set consumption, determining licensing metrics that best suit the environment, and indirect access rights are only a few...
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