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SharePoint has evolved into a highly viable solution for enhancing all sorts of business operations. The old expression “SharePoint can do just about anything, just not very well” is giving way to “SharePoint can do just about anything, if you know what you’re doing.”

Your Challenge

  • It’s not about right and wrong – it’s about what will and won’t work for your organization. Don’t focus on finding the perfect solution for each use case. Find what works for your organization, make that standard, and then manage through periodic standards reviews.
  • Laying the foundation for a highly integrated user experience is easier than you think. Enterprise integration can begin as simply as hyperlinks, metadata standardization, and information presentment, all of which highlight opportunities for more downstream integration.
  • SharePoint development is a marathon, not a sprint. Throughout the life of your SharePoint solutions, but especially in the beginning, treat SharePoint development as a work in progress and give yourself license to learn.

Our Solution

  • Our program allows you to set (and stick to) a clear vision for SharePoint enabling you to execute with focus and coordination.
  • Our approach is designed to accommodate any stage of SharePoint, from iterative enhancements to blue-sky designs.
  • Our approach demystifies the components of SharePoint, empowering you to better solution your use cases.
  • Our approach makes it easy to involve stakeholders in design and validation sessions, allowing you to deliver solutions that are highly valued.
  • Our program provides a comprehensive set of tools to help execute designs and communicate with SharePoint developers.
  • Our program includes light-weight and easy-to-deploy user satisfaction measurements.

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Published: September 18, 2017
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