Tailor an IT Governance Plan to Fit Organizational Needs

Drive business value and enable effective decision making by optimizing IT governance structure and processes.


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Your Challenge

  • Despite the importance of IT governance, many organizations struggle to define the optimal structure and processes.
  • As a result, tackling IT governance optimization can be daunting for CIOs, especially because success necessitates involvement from key stakeholders across the organization.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • IT governance is about decision making. Ensure committees have the authority to make decisions.
  • Treat IT governance optimization as a project. Follow PM processes to ensure optimization is given the resourcing and attention required; this will help to increase support and post-implementation adoption.
  • Business involvement in IT governance is essential. To be effective you need business support and involvement.
  • Committee empowerment is key. Ensure they have organizational endorsement and the tools needed to make decisions.

Impact and Result

  • Successful completion of the IT governance optimization project will result in:
    • Obtaining buy-in for IT governance optimization
    • Building optimal IT governance target state structure
    • Approval of committee charters
    • Building of effective IT governance processes
    • Implementation of IT governance structure and processes successfully

Tailor an IT Governance Plan to Fit Organizational Needs


Define and build governance structure

Assess current capabilities and build target governance structure committees, and determine roles and responsibilities.


Build future state governance committee charters

Define committee purpose statements, RACI, governance committee procedures, and agendas.


Build the IT governance process

Enable governance committee functionality.


Build an implementation plan

Establish the best way to implement and communicate changes.

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IT Governance Course

Drive business value and enable effective decision making by optimizing IT governance structure and processes.
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Course information:

Title: IT Governance Course
Number of Course Modules: 6
Estimated Time to Complete: 2-2.5 hours

Andy Woyzbun, Executive Advisor
Gord Harrison, SVP of Research and Advisory

Onsite Workshop

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Module 1: Conduct a Current State Assessment

The Purpose

  • Identify your IT objectives.
  • Assess the current state of your IT governance.
  • Identify the value of your current IT governance structure.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Establish the current state of your IT governance structure.



Identify objectives

  • Prioritized IT objectives


Set target state capability goals

  • IT Governance Structure Selection Tool and metrics

Module 2: Define the Future State

The Purpose

  • Identify which committees are needed in order to meet your business goals.
  • Create a committee charter, define roles and responsibilities, and set committee agendas and meeting schedules.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Build out the IT governance structure and committees.



Formulate your current IT governance structure

  • IT governance roadblocks


Build your future state IT governance structure

  • IT governance target state structure


Draft your ITSC governance documentation

  • Committee purpose, agenda, RACI, and procedures for the ITSC

Module 3: Draft and Test a Governance Process

The Purpose

  • Identification of the inputs and outputs for governance responsibilities.
  • Clear thresholds for decision making for the governance areas.
  • Updated structure for governance.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Effectively run governance committees.
  • Ensure that each committee responsibility is actionable, and has defined inputs and outputs.



Define the inputs and outputs for governance areas

  • Governance area inputs and outputs


Test governance process and committee set up

  • Validated governance structure


Identify implementation stakeholders

  • Stakeholder power map

Module 4: Build a Communication and Action Plan

The Purpose

  • Provide rationale for the change in IT governance structure.
  • Create stakeholder management plan.
  • Create communication plan.
  • Create action plan for the next steps.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Communicate the rationale for the change in the IT governance structure using practical communication plans.



Build the communication plan

  • Stakeholder management plan, communication plan


Next steps

  • Action plan

Member Testimonials

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$ Saved

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City Of Kawartha Lakes



The facilitator was excellent - very knowledgeable, prepared and able to assist staff to participate in a meaningful way. I can't think of any 'worst' aspects to mention.

Mackenzie Health



The IT Governance material was fantastic. The preparation for it was thorough and the methodology was rigorous and well accepted. It was all very well done and executed. When I looked at the final IT Governance Action and Communication Plan document, I was beyond thrilled. It was just absolutely exceptional, and I've had feedback from the team who participated as well as the final strategy was easy to implement and well understood. The program was all inclusive and well done, I would highly recommend it.




The facilitators, Sumit and Dina, were very professional and had a great ability to listen, record, and redirect the conversation to actionable steps for QAD. The deliverables were delivered directly after the workshop, which will help us get to work on change right away.

University of North Texas System



The experience was amazing for our group. Walking through each process and coming out of there with agreement on all the changes to process. Also, receiving the actionable plan to move forward was a great benefit.


Facilitator(s) effectiveness

INFO & materials effectiveness

Overall experience

Understanding of next steps


West Liberty Foods





Braun Intertec Corporation





The Regional Municipality Of Niagara





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