Right-Size Enterprise Disaster Recovery Plans

DR is not a one-size fits all proposition; make sure spending matches needs.


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Your Challenge

  • The organization needs to be able to protect business operations and recover from disaster.
  • Existing plans have not been scoped appropriately and the business is spending inappropriately.
  • This Solution Set will provide you with the ability to outline risks, determine appropriate recovery objectives, and establish a cost framework.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Five 9's of availability is unachievable and four 9's may be cost-prohibitive; setting recovery objectives that meet business goals while not breaking the bank is the single biggest challenge in DR planning.

Impact and Result

Upon completion of the work outlined in this Solution Set you will have determined the amount of DR capability you require within the dual boundaries of business need and financial ability.

Right-Size Enterprise Disaster Recovery Plans


Get a crash course on DR project scoping

Educate IT and the business on what's involved in planning a DR project.


Scope current DR capabilities, and determine future needs and budget
  • Determine what response levels IT is able to support.
  • Assess and validate business response needs.
  • Verify that business recovery needs fit within established financial constraints