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Reduce Telecom Expenses

Get a handle on current usage and address wasted spend.


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Three organizations contributed information to assist with the development of this solution set. Due to the sensitivity of the information, all contributors have requested confidentiality.

Your Challenge

  • Telecommunication expenses represent one of the largest IT operational budget categories for most enterprises – IT leaders are constantly pressed to optimize expenditure in this area.
  • Due to a lack of expertise and guidance, IT units commonly overlook some basic telecom expense management practices. Pursuing even a subset of these key activities will deliver tangible cost savings for enterprises.
  • This solution set will help organizations understand where to focus their telecom cost reduction efforts and how to develop a practice for ongoing telecom expense management.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

An informal approach to telecom expense management results in important tasks – annual site inventory, monthly invoice reviews – being forgotten or overlooked. Making staff formally accountable for these tasks will dramatically increase your success in cost reduction.

Impact and Result

Organizations that have not examined or pursued telecom expense management in the past can apply some basic practices and expect to reduce their ongoing costs by at least 10% - without a negative impact to service levels.

Research & Tools

1. Reduce telecom expenses.

Address wasted IT spend and improve the overall efficiency of telecom operations.

2. Assess savings opportunities and optimize key expense categories.

Isolate the main areas in which costs can be reduced and deliver valuable cost savings to the organization.

3. Report progress for telecom expense reduction activities and cost savings results.

Gain the buy-in required to establish an ongoing telecom expense management practice.

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