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Modernize the Data Warehouse Environment

Without an improved data warehouse environment, the business cannot make informed decisions and leverage self-service analytics.


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The data warehouse has been in place for years. It used to satisfy the business needs but is becoming more of an impediment than an enabler en route to business value as the architecture has not kept pace with changing requirements.

Your Challenge

  • The business’ requirement for data is never going to become smaller or slower. With the exponential increases in data volume and velocity, business users want to cast an ever-widening net to capture the next game-changing insights.
  • The time it takes for architecture components to become irrelevant is constantly shortening. Between changing business needs and technology innovations, IT is struggling to implement architecture that is sustainable
  • IT is struggling to balance between the roles of enabler and gatekeeper for data delivery. A primary challenge with data delivery is providing the right information at the right time while still maintaining a consistent and coherent vision for how that process occurs.

Our Solution

  • Our approach gives you the right questions to ask in order to have a comprehensive understanding of where the business is going. This information will directly inform your architecture going forward.
  • Our approach will help you to make sense of the current data warehouse environment, which is often a by-product of patch work, by classifying components as legacy (to be retired) or heritage (to be extended) components.
  • Our survey approach allows you to collect and analyze valuable opinions on your current data warehouse environment.
  • A future state data warehouse architecture will be developed to help your organization to address current as well as future information needs.
  • Our program helps you to understand emerging technologies that affect data warehouse and develop a roadmap for the components to be incorporated.

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Published: July 12, 2016
Last Revised: July 12, 2016