Vendor Landscape: Revenue Management Systems

Just because your rooms are full doesn’t mean you’re maximizing potential revenue.

Your Challenge

  • Your hotel or casino property is one of the worldwide 90% that do not have an RMS tool.
  • Hotel rooms are a perishable commodity in an extremely competitive market rife with promotions, OTAs, and indirect revenues; therefore, hoteliers understand that maximizing the value of every room is crucial to their continued success. 
  • Manually executing revenue management practices is a significant pain point for hotels and casinos with large numbers of rooms, ancillary revenue sources, and cost factors.
  • Technology overhaul is not an option for many casino-hotels. Finding a solution that can be integrated with existing infrastructure is a significant challenge.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • If you expect a revenue management system (RMS) to completely automate your optimization, think again. The best revenue managers understand that recommendations from the system are an important piece, but not the only piece, of the revenue optimization puzzle.
  • In today’s market the focus is less on filling every room each night or on maximizing the revenue per available room (RevPAR). Rather it’s about flow through to the bottom line – total profit. Be prepared to decline a guest an open room on a same-day booking if the system expects a more profitable client to come in later.
  • Revenue management relies on data – the more data, the better. Integrations with your PMS, loyalty program, concierge, and sales/catering systems, to name a few, are essential to gather customer data required to generate accurate recommendations.

Impact and Result

  • Understand the features and business benefits of using an RMS to support revenue management efforts.
  • Determine the integration requirements based on organizational needs to focus product evaluation on the right criteria.
  • Assess the current revenue management market and assess its direction.

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Get to Action

  1. Understand the RMS market space

    Understand the RMS market, capabilities, and limitations.
  2. Identify the RMS that best meets your needs

    Develop a shortlist of RMS vendors to speed the selection process.

Guided implementation icon Guided Implementation

This guided implementation is a three call advisory process.

    Guided Implementation #1 - Shortlist assistance and requirements

  • Call #1: Get off to a productive start: Discuss the market space and how vendors are evaluated. Decide which platform suits you best and narrow down the options based on customized requirements.

  • Guided Implementation #2 - RFP and budget review

  • Call #1: Interpret and act on RFP results: Review vendors’ RFPs and ensure the solution will meet your needs. Discuss average pricing of solutions and what can fit into your budget.

  • Guided Implementation #3 - Negotiation and contract review

  • Call #1: Purchase optimization: Review contracts and discuss best practices in negotiation tactics to get the best price for your solution.

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