Optimize Applications Cost Management

Choose the right tactic to save the most money.

Your Challenge

  • The current financial climate sees business leaders concerned about costs. The good news is that there are still opportunities for Applications Managers to control costs within their organizations.
  • Applications cost control is the short-term tactical counterpart to long-term applications lifecycle planning. It is possible to optimize costs, but deep reductions require cuts to both staff and applications.
  • Some tactics will have more of an impact than others. The key is to identify the current situation, and then which tactics are most applicable and will incur the greatest cost savings.
  • This solution set will help Applications Managers determine the needs of their business in terms of cost control, and take them on a choose-your-own-adventure model to find the top cost control tactics tailored to their current business environment.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • By adopting zero-based budgeting and eliminating maintenance from non-essential applications, Applications Managers can successfully reduce costs.
  • Applications Managers address cost control on an ongoing basis, not just in response to critical events within the enterprise. Cost control initiatives support rather than undermine overall applications strategy.
  • The key to cost control tactics is to understand which one matches the business's goals in the current economic environment. Is the business looking to make minor or major cuts, keep doing the same, or get ahead?
  • No tactic is created equally. Some tactics create larger cost savings than others. Understanding this will help Applications Managers focus on the most important areas without wading through less effective strategies.

Impact and Result

  • This set will allow Applications Managers to quickly get to where they need to be in terms of cost control.
  • Applications Managers will be able to follow tailored recommendations based on their current financial goals status.

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  1. Understand the business situation and top tactics for each

    Determine where the business falls in terms of cost control goals and what can it do to achieve them.

  2. Learn from another enterprise's experience through an in-depth case study

    See how one enterprise applied one of the cost control tactics successfully.

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