Integrate Global Data Center Facilities

Planning to take over the world? Successful integration of global infrastructure starts with people, process, and discovery.

Your Challenge

IT leaders in North American organizations suddenly charged with managing data center facilities in other countries are faced with the challenge of normalizing structure, staffing, process, and procedures on a global scale. Most IT leaders have limited knowledge in managing global data centers, thus deciding what to tackle first can be an overwhelming experience.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Organizations inherit a global data center through different scenarios: Merger & Acquisition, Expanding Footprint, and Greenfield Expansion each come with unique integration challenges.
  • Project management and planning is crucial to the success of a new global data center. When possible, Info-Tech recommends 12 months of planning.
  • IT Pros that expend more effort on gathering business requirements and inventorying applications and equipment at all sites are more successful.

Impact and Result

  • Understand the challenges associated with integrating global data center facilities to prepare for and overcome obstacles.
  • Look at the big picture in regards to infrastructure and applications to uncover opportunities and weaknesses of facilities.
  • Use communication strategies to effectively communicate with your new global team based on a global communication strategy.
  • List and prioritize all projects and changes required according to criticality, legality, resources available, and budget.


  • Weston Solutions
  • Sirius International
  • TripleT
  • Gowans Research
  • Dutch/European Standards Datacenters Committee
  • 73 anonymous survey respondents

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Get to Action

  1. Understand the situation.

    Prepare for and overcome obstacles.

  2. Identify & evaluate facility structure.

    Uncover opportunities and weaknesses of facilities and site locations.

  3. Integrate people.

    Establish effective communication across global sites.

  4. Manage global data center integration.

    Effectively normalize structure, staffing, process, and procedures on a global scale.

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