Implement a Multi-site ERP

Cultivate a multi-site ERP system that breeds business efficiency.

Your Challenge

  • Multi-site enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations never evolve naturally and require careful planning of how to integrate the disparate processes to maximize the investment.
  • Melding separate sites that have evolved processes independently into one efficient, highly repeatable process is difficult.
  • How do you ensure that the ERP and data generated from it can be used by the enterprise over a long period?


Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Start by developing and implementing a strategy to harmonize data labels and perform data quality checks.
  • Understand and acknowledge that each site has unique business processes that must be maintained.
  • Future-proof your data by assigning metadata to it automatically based on the business processes.

Impact and Result

  • Define the core global needs (process efficiency or data integration) and appropriately limit the global ERP to that need.
  • Build a global brand management team to focus on the enterprise-wide team. Support this effort with site-specific advocates to bring issues to the brand management team.
  • ERP systems are never fully deployed, so be prepared for continual tweaking and re-alignment of processes and data use through the use of metadata.

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Get to Action

  1. Implement a multi-site ERP

    Understand the obstacles and plan for them during ERP implementation.

  2. Govern the integration of ERPs

    Build a committee of business units to ensure their involvement.

  3. Maintain control over the ERP implementation process

    Ensure that IT performs the necessary tasks to expand the ERP.

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