Use Info-Tech's tool to predict the magnitude of hidden costs for your outsourcing project. The tool is meant to be used after you have received bids from the available vendors, and will require you to enter information about your organization and the vendors.

  • Input your service and organizational parameters.
  • Input the parameters of the various vendor offerings that you are considering.
  • The tool will show the anticipated magnitude of the hidden costs that you will encounter, a recommendation for which vendor to pick, and strategies for avoiding hidden costs.

Note that the term "hidden cost" here refers only to the fact that many IT leaders miss these costs when planning their outsourcing project; the costs should be taken into account whether or not they seem surprising to you.

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Discover the Hidden Costs of Outsourcing

Avoid surprises. Uncover, measure, and mitigate hidden costs of outsourcing.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Avoid and mitigate the hidden costs of outsourcing
  2. Predict the likely hidden costs of outsourcing for each vendor under consideration
    • Outsourcing Hidden Costs Estimator Tool

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Published: August 16, 2011
Last Revised: August 16, 2011


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