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Today's IT and business environments are forcing organizations to put application integration (AI) into their project plans up front and ignore it no longer. If they don`t take an architectural approach, they will get piecemeal solutions that are hard to manage, maintain, and support. This storyboard will elaborate on how to entice business leader engagement and formulize a successful standardized and dynamic AI strategy, by helping you:

  • Assess and document your people, process, and technology capabilities in your current environment.
  • Understand leading technology and integration trends and practices to optimize business processes.
  • Determine if your visionary environment is feasible and realistic to the observed integration patterns through a gap analysis.
  • Compile an AI blueprint that includes all of the work, planning, and investments completed through each stage of your AI strategy.

This research will help you craft a comprehensive blueprint to increase your AI success.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Develop an Application Integration Strategy
    • Storyboard: Develop an Application Integration Strategy
  2. Assess the organization's readiness for AI
  3. Create an application integration service catalog
  4. Hire an AI Architect
  5. Hire an AI Specialist
  6. Assess the appropriateness for AI tools
  7. Build an AI blueprint


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